Data related to the name of the lawyer, address, office details, attorney languages, law schools, contact information and status can also be seen at any of the attorney or the lawyer’s website. Collecting all this data manually will be a complex and tedious task and will take huge amount of time. Thus, to save time and effort required to collect data from lawyers and attorney website, ProWebScraping provides attorney and lawyers data scraping.


Are you looking to collect information of lawyers or attorney from any websites? Are you looking for lawyers data scraping service provider? To enable the users to get this information, we provide the best web scraping solutions that can be very effective when it comes to extract data from lawyers and attorney website.

Scrape lawyer’s data as per your criteria like state or bar association website, area of practice, firms etc. We can scrape Attorneys Name/ Lawyer Name, Firm Address, Firm Telephone, Fax Number, Firm Website, Practice Area, State Bar, History Details, Email, Bar Number, Education Details etc.

Extracted results after lawyers data scraping can be exported and delivered in any format the user wants such as CSV, Excel, Text, MS Access, SQL dump etc.

Are you looking for lawyers data scraping service provider?

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