Hotels Data Scraping is a special web scraping service for extracting the hotels details from online hotels directory or booking website. It is a one of the complete customized web scraping service we provide at ProWebScraping that fits with your hotels and booking business requirements.

hotels data scraping
      • Extract hotels information based on criteria like hotel type, category, country, rate, price etc.
      • Extract data fields like : Hotel Name, Address, City, State, Country, Zip Code, Star rating, Contact Person Name, Phone Number, Toll Free, Fax Number, Website, Email, Hours, Payment Accepted Type, User Reviews, Latitude, Longitude, Pictures and many more.
      • Extract travel packages information from booking websites
      • Extracting hotel reviews (date, rating and review text) from hotel websites like Tripadvisor/Orbitz based on given criteria like city, state, country, Star Rating etc.
      • Automatically download hotel’s photo from hotels website.
      • Extracted details can be exported and delivered in various formats such as CSV, Excel Spreadsheets, XML, MySQL, MS-Access, XML, MS SQL, Text Files and many more.

ProWebScraping has crawled and scraped more than 60M hotel records from most popular hotel websites and forums and packaged them. All of this information includes hotel reviews, reviewer profiles, destination reviews and professional photos. Any refinement and cleaning to this information can be done as per your needs. All these information can be used for your analysis or processing.

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