Business directory websites are the source of large and critical information that can be used in various business applications for decision making and lead generation. Business directory scraping is used to get number of records containing fields like Business Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address, City, State, Zip Code, Business Detail, Website, Category, Latitude, Longitude, and URL available at business directory websites. The data extracted can be integrated into the business to achieve the future business goals and objectives.

We have been engaged in web scraping since 2010. We provide all kind of web scraping services at a reasonable cost in a given time frame. We are experts in scraping data from business directory websites. We can extract data from business directory websites and deliver the extracted results to you in various formats like CSV, XML, Spreadsheets etc. We can also develop a custom web scraping software called business directory scraper that enables you to scrape the business listings from directory websites.

Our custom business directory scraping software has the following features:

  • Requires minimal user inputs and setup
  • Extracted data can be exported in various forms such as CSV, spreadsheets, XML, MS-Access, MySQL, MSSQL etc.
  • Anonymous Scraping: Avoid IP Blocks with multiple proxy features.
  • Simple Nice GUI, Easy to use, Quick Learning curve

We have scraped business listing from top most business directory websites like Whitepages, YellowPages USA, YellowPages CANADA, YellowPages UK, YellowPages Australia, Yell, YP, Yelp, SuperPages and many more.  You can check out a complete business directory website list at

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